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Sai Computers Ltd., Corporate Office-Sai Dhaam, Victoria Park, Meerut was incorporated on 18-07-1984 by Technical Entrepreneur from I.I.T. Kanpur to provide computer technology to business and industries, to undertake consultancy and actual energy accounting and audit, to develop new methods and equipments for energy conservation accounting and audit and as well as to develop new software systems specifically for their application in power sector  like Spot Billing , Online Billing, MIS, Meter Reading, Bill Generation and Bill Distributions through Hand Held Machines / Mobiles and reduction of line losses and maintain power factor etc. Sai Computers Pvt. Ltd. is providing business applications and consultancy including survey, digitization of maps and drawings and have developed their own technology for Survey, GIS Mapping, and Indexing. Electrical Mapping and Linking of consumers from 33/11 KV SS to LT Pole

Energy Billing and Accounting Services
Loading of a set of Consumers as per the GIS and route sequencing done through one time activity from the Billing Counters
Reading of Meter reading with the Hand Held terminal
Generation of the Bill and Printing of the Bill at Site
Collection of Payment through Cheque and generation of Receipt
Uploading of the Billed Consumer Data at the Billing Counters

CMRI/AMR Based Billing Services
Seamless Data import from CMRI
All Categories Billing as per tariff
Payment Collections
Load Analysis
Tamper Analysis
Double Meter Comparison
Energy Accounting

GIS Mapping and Indexing of Electrical Network and Consumers
Creation of Base Maps
DGPS/GPS Based Electrical Network Survey
Collection of Electrical Assets Attributes
Consumer Survey and Indexing
Matching of Consumer Survey Database with Billing Database
Plotting of Electricals Network and Consumers

Meter Installation / Replacement Work

Disconnection / Reconnection of Defaulter Consumers
Issue of Notices to Defaulter Consumers

Customer Relation Management

Quality Policy

We have continued to maintain satisfactorily the quality management system within the organization. We design, manufacture, supply and repair transformers, voltage controllers, motor controllers and power factor controllers in conformity to the standard requirements of ISO 9001:2008. We follow quality assurance plan to ensure delivery of quality products and services

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Address: Sai Dhaam, Victoria Park Meerut - 250001 Uttar Pradesh, India